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Your relationship with your insurance carrier should be straightforward. You enter into a contract (your insurance policy) with your provider, and you agree to pay your monthly premiums. In turn, your carrier agrees to protect you, up to the policy limits, for incidents covered under the policy. This is what you pay for and deserve. While this relationship should be straightforward, all too-often, it’s not. With alarming frequency, insurance companies purposefully refuse to offer full value for claims, settle the claim in a timely fashion, or provide justification for denying the claim. Too often insurance companies put their profits before the well-being of their policy holders.

If your insurance company has purposefully failed to uphold its obligations, you may have an insurance bad faith claim. In 1982, Florida enacted the Florida Unfair Claims Practices Act to protect consumers against insurance companies that do not make good faith efforts to settle claims. Under the Florida Unfair Claims Practices Act, insurance companies are required by law to treat their policyholders fairly and pay claims that are honestly due to them in a timely fashion. While you may have a claim under the Florida Unfair Claims Practices Act, insurance companies are adept at fighting these claims and typically utilize scores of insurance defense lawyers to defend themselves. In our current economy, the insurance industry is fighting claims vigorously in hopes that the policy holder will submit to the poor treatment. With this said, success in prevailing against a bad faith claim often requires a law firm that specializes in insurance litigation, and that has the resources to stand up to the insurance company.

Critton, Luttier & Coleman is experienced in insurance bad faith litigation. We have successfully litigated cases involving insurance coverage and insurance bad faith with results ranging between $300,000.00 to $28 million. We are known and respected by the insurance industry.

It’s often daunting fighting against the powerful insurance companies. However, Critton, Luttier & Coleman is your trusted advocate and will help you through this difficult process. If you are facing an insurance bad faith litigation, we will gladly discuss your options with you. Please call us (561) 842-2820 for a consultation.