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Financial Impacts

Divorce is rarely simple or straightforward, especially where a large asset base or high-net worth is involved, it can be highly complex. Stocks, real estate, business ownership, retirement funds and other investments can make divorce complex at best; complex, emotionally-charged, and highly-contentious at worst. Whether you are a wage earner or a dependent spouse, it is critical to talk to an attorney that is experienced and skilled in complex, high-net worth divorces.

Attorney Mark Luttier has represented numerous high-profile clients, including corporate officers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, doctors, lawyers, and spouses of high net-worth individuals. In total, our firm has represented individuals with assets totaling more than $100 million.

When preparing for a divorce, we are experienced at identifying and valuing all assets, including:
  • Cash
  • Stocks, Bonds, and Securities
  • Inheritances
  • Retirement Funds, including Pensions & 401K Savings Plans
  • Overseas Investments, including Offshore Tax Shelters
  • Delayed Compensation Executive-Level Income
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Debts & Liabilities
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Business Valuation

At Critton Luttier Coleman, we also take into account the economy and its effect on current and future net-worth and cash flow. Along with the knowledge and expertise in successfully negotiating complex divorce proceedings, we offer discretion. We understand that our clients have compelling needs to keep as much of their private lives out of the public eye as possible. Our team is skilled at keeping our clients out of the public eye, and maintaining the privacy of spouses and dependents during what can be a very difficult process.

Child Custody/Visitation/Timesharing

The decision to dissolve a marriage is difficult, but even more so when children are involved. It adds an extra layer of stress, anxiety and uncertainty in litigation when it comes time to decide where the children will live and under what circumstances they will see their parents. Thankfully, a divorce decree can be a helpful tool that clarfies child custody limitations and allowances for both custodial parents, all in the best interests’ of the child(ren).

To help define your divorce decree, it is helpful to understand the current and accepted nomenclature surrounding child custody cases. You may hear the terms child custody, visitation, and timesharing, interchangeably. However, these are not all current, nor are they universally-accepted terms in the area of law. It is wise to have an experienced marital & family law attorney help you navigate the legal process to better understand your options so you can ensure a satisfactory outcome for you and your child(ren).

Divorce can be unpleasant and painful. It is absolutely critical that you trust your lawyer during such an emotional and difficult process. We will do everything possible to build that trust, maximize your outcome, and keep your private life out of the public eye. If you are facing a marital or family law case, our team will gladly discuss your options with you at no cost. Please give us a call us at (561) 842-2820 for a consultation.